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This has become one of my most popular services.  

During this special service, I connect to your Soul, guides, angels and spiritual helpers.

I spend time in meditation just receiving information, visions, words, images and feelings. I record my visions onto a voice recorder and then I use my oracle cards to confirm my insights and to also include any additional messages.

I then send you the voice file in an email with the additional card reading.

I aim to do my readings as soon as possible, but if I am busy with clients it could be a two-three week wait.

If you would like to email me first to check on my current waiting list before you book, you can do at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Straight From The Source

I am truly grateful to Jojo for the most amazing reading she has done for me this week...she was able to tune so so much into my thoughts/feelings/emotions it was beautiful...i almost felt i was standing in front of a mirror and hearing back from my reflection,thats how accurate it all is...i could resonate to it all..its also been a wake up call for me and a learning curve at this time in my life when i so need Jojo will know what i mean when i say...."it's time to click together the heels of my red shoes!" again many thanks and also for sharing my experience...X

Karen Melrose

I asked Jo for a reading, the reading I received was so accurate, relating to big changes in my life which I can now move forward with confidence and look forward to a loving rewarding future, rather than feelings of indecision and self-doubt, this reading has put my mind at ease. Thank you for passing on the love from my mum and other family, I do feel this love from the spirits.
I have read your reading twice and will read it many times, it makes me feel so good and releases a lot of anger and let me look forward to the future and let the past go.

Jane McDowall

Dearest Jojo,
Thank you from my heart and soul for my angel reading.
Oh my goodness, you are accurate beyond belief. What an incredible gift you have. 
I've just finished reading it and tears are rolling down my cheeks. Not from sadness, but for the illumination of all that is going on within me, which you have named. Not only named, but offered love and support for the way ahead from my angels and the universe.
Thank you, dearest soul. You have been blessed with such a gift and I am so incredibly grateful you are sharing your gift with half and the world.
Love and blessings and so much gratitude.

Joanne Atkinson

So Beautiful and spot on guidance, she is really lovely in the way she does readings. Not like a psychic line . She connected to higher levels and i like that. 
Thank you Jojo. Keep shining your light

Ella May

I had a lovely reading from Jo today, cards and meditation. Jo is an amazing medium, healer and intuitive. Family members in spirit came through with messages and love, I could recognise them by the physical description and traits that Jo gave me. I felt completely peaceful and received lots of love from spirit it was magical and I felt a lot of healing taking place during the meditation. She touched on many things happening in my life and Jo has such a wonderful perspective on everything I am looking forward to and welcome with gratitude all the blessings to come. Thank you so much

Suzanne Bayes

I had a very comprehensive and inspiring reading from Aurora's Love. It was just what I needed to know. I can really recommend this service.

Stephanie Parkes

Wow Jojo just wow what a truly amazing reading, it's like you know me personally the way you wrote about how I am and feel, and so much reassurance that I will be coming back to my reading many times Thank you so much Love Paula xxx

Paula Knappett

I had a wonderful reading from Jojo. She is truly gifted and channelled some beautiful and helpful messages from spirit for me. Thank you so much

Clara Hutchinson

Hi..Just had a reading with Jojo..AMAZING....It is one of the best reading i have had for a while..She is so precise and upto the point. She digs into the matter deep so that one can find the answer we are seeking ..I would recommend Jojo anytime of the day..Bless you and thank you so much

Sujata Gujadhur

I recently had an angel reading from Jo ( one of many) I was so lost in my life and hopeless it seemed ....due to a broken heart. I reached out for a reading amazing enough Jo had felt and seen my pain.. With tht being said I found out I am loved by the Angels and my heart seems to be full now. I look forward to each day again ...there is is something out there for me and I will find it. As for Jo you can learn alot about things from her and she is one with the Angel's so she can always help you. I feel Blessed to have her in my life.

Brenda Gabriel

Accurate, compassionate & full of love, Jo’s readings are excellent! Highly recommended.

Irma Kaye Sawyer

I recently had a reading from Jo, and it was so enlightening and uplifting. She really connected some dots about what was going on in my life and also shared some visualizations that I can use on a daily basis. She pinpointed something that I have been working on and gave me loving support in moving forward with hope. Thank you, Jo, for sharing your remarkable insights and love.

Brenda Swift Treadaway

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