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 I've always had a connection to angel oracle cards. I remember as a teenager my best friend Lucy and I playing with a free deck of tarot cards that came with a magazine and giving each other readings and we were both astounded at how accurate they were!

 Over 25 years later, I'm pretty pleased to tell you I've upped my game with card readings! I connect to my higher self, my guides and angels as I do the cards, and I 'feel' for the right card reading. When it feels right, I know it's right. 

Psychic card readings are a quick and easy way to receive guidance, clarity direction and comfort. They are also one of my favourite tools to tune in and work with with Spirit. 

 Once you book an angel card reading with me, I will carry out the reading and type it up in an email for you as soon I am able to.  Please message me if you need your reading urgently to check on my current waiting list.

I have had some fantastic feedback from my readings. I use the email that is connected to your paypal account, so if you need me to use a different one, then do let me know. Really looking forward to giving you the guidance you need! Love Jo x

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Straight From The Source

Just had the most fabulous card reading from Jo. It was so very accurate and brought such comfort and hope in a time when it was most needed. Thank you so very very much!

Samantha Buller

My reading I received today was great, very insightful and was just the guidance I needed to help me into the next phase of my journey. Thank you so much Jojo!

Sarah Beasley

I had been meaning to have a reading by Jo Jo for years and finally got around to it and glad I did. The reading was so accurate and exactly the points I’ve been pondering on and looking for direction in. Thank you.

Vicki Stout

I asked Jojo for a card reading, little knowing how amazing she would be! The reading answered all the questions I had and gave me exactly the guidance I needed at the time. I keep re-reading it and finding more in it that I need to action/listen to. I was very guided to book the reading, if you feel the pull go for it. You won't be disappointed, what a connection she has. Thank you Jojo.

Becky Houghton

Thank you for the reading, it has given me messages to help me with personal things I have going on in my life. I'm very grateful!

Joan Molinski

I had a card reading from Jo which was very accurate and insightful! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend! Thank you x

Gillian Stuart

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