It is my belief that animals are our equals and they have much to teach us. I have so much love and respect for our animal friends and I gain so much joy from channelling healing to them, so they can feel safe, whole, free and sovereign, just as they should!



£40 per hour

Our beautiful furry friends are very sensitive to energy, their environment, their diet, and like us, can be affected with anxiety, grief, trauma, and physical disease. In a distant healing session I channel the highest divine light to them, to clear and remove any blockages, to heal, comfort and soothe any anxieties, trauma or grief. 
 I may or may not receive a telepathic communication with your animal friend, if I do I will be sure to let you know in an email afterwards. 
When you book a distant healing session please can you email me at with a photo of your animal, so that I can create a strong connection. I will channel the healing as soon as I can. 




If you are in or around the Telford, Shropshire area and would like me to visit your pet for hands on healing, I would be honoured to do so.

I often gave my Cassie reiki and although the vet told us she was very poorly and we could only give her palliative care for the remaining few months of her life, she went on to live much longer than anticipated, and she enjoyed a good run and play even at 16 years of age.

 When you book this service, I will email you to arrange a convenient time for me to visit. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your beloved friend!