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 It is my belief that animals are our equals and they have much to teach us. I have so much love and respect for our animal friends and I gain so much joy from channelling healing to them, so they can feel safe, whole, free and sovereign, just as they should!




 In a distant healing session I channel the highest divine light to your animal friend, to clear and remove any blockages, to heal, comfort and soothe any anxieties, trauma or grief.

Like in a Quantum Healing session I work at a Soul Level, and the lightwork is pretty much the same!
I may or may not receive a telepathic communication with your animal friend, if I do I will be sure to let you know in a voice file via email afterwards. 
When you book a distant healing session please can you email me at with a photo of your animal, so that I can create a strong connection. I will channel the healing as soon as I possibly can. 

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