About Me

My name's Jo and I am an empath and sensitive. I am here to help you hear the messages from your guides and angels and here to help you connect so that you may hear/feel/see/know their messages too. 

 I work with my guides and angels and channel the divine energy in my own unique way! I connect to the realms of light, and focus on bridging our two worlds, whether it's through a reading, or through distance healing or hands-on healing. There is nothing quite like receiving a big dose of Source Energy to remind us of Who We Really Are - Beings of Divine Light and Love.

It's my intention to help you remember your divinity and your power, and to help you connect with your own guides. 

If you feel guided to have a reading or healing, just book online, and when the payment has gone through I will get to work as soon as I am able too. I am a mum, so bear with me. I won't keep you waiting too long though! I usually do psychic readings while my daughter is at nursery on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can do card readings any time, and I like to do healings in the evenings. Looking forward to hearing from you! love Jojo xx

Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting me! I do most of my work for free on social media, if you would like to help support my work, donations are most appreciated! Love Jo xxx