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Angel Readings

I meditate and connect to your energies and those of your guardian angel and Spirit Guides. I often pick up information psychically, but I also use my oracle cards to help confirm my insights.

I will type up the information I receive for you and email your reading to you. I use the email connected to your paypal account, if you would rather I send your reading to a different email address, please let me know!


Please allow up to a week for your reading, I am a busy full-time mum, and readings take a long time for me to do.

My name's Jojo and I have always been able to communicate with Spirit and Angels, since I was a child. I've also always had a strong connection to Nature and a telepathic link with animals. 

I noticed my healing abilities as a teenager and became attuned to Reiki (levels I and II). 

It's my intention to connect you with your Angels and to help you live from your Spirit!

About Me

Angel Reading £20