Aurora's Love

Angel Readings

I meditate and connect to your energies and those of your guardian angel and Spirit Guides. I often pick up information psychically, but I also use my oracle cards to help confirm my insights.

I will type up the information I receive for you and email your reading to you. I use the email connected to your paypal account, if you would rather I send your reading to a different email address, please let me know!


Please allow up to a week for your reading, I am a busy full-time mum, and readings take a long time for me to do.

My name's Jojo and I have always been able to communicate with Spirit and Angels, since I was a child. I've also always had a strong connection to Nature and a telepathic link with animals. 

​I noticed my healing abilities as a teenager and became attuned to Reiki (levels I and II). I love working with energy, and love to help people open up to their guides and Angels. I also love helping people to realise how magnificent they are! You are all awesome!

It's my intention to connect you with your Angels and to help you live from your Spirit!

About Me

Angel Reading £20

If you benefit from the daily messages on the facebook page and feel guided to make a donation of any amount, it would be greatly received! Thank you!