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Angel Readings, Reiki, Gemstone Jewellery and Angel Paintings

Since a very young age I've been able to communicate with Spirit and the Angels. Like most children, I had 'imaginary friends'. Yet mine weren't imaginary and they're still with me, my wonderful angels and Spirit Guides!
 As a child, I also had a strong connection to Nature and a telepathic link with animals, which I still cherish. As a teenager, I noticed my healing abilities and at 19 I became reiki attuned and began practising reiki on friends, family, animals, plants, and sending love and light to everything and everyone I could!
 I spent my 20s developing my healing abilities, specialising in crystal healing. I studied spiritual healing, animal healing, animal communication and am currently enjoying furthering my psychic development!
It is my intention to help and heal whatever I can,  wherever I can, whenever I can!

  Jojo and her best friend, Cassie.

"Thank You so much, this was a beautiful reading and you gave me the best guidance with the Angels i could hear right now. Thanks Jojo and The Angels, I feel so inspired now!" ~ Ella Brown

"JoJo, there are no words I can think of to adequately express my gratitude. I am still deeply moved by your insight. I so needed to hear those words. I am going through major life changes and have felt alone, but now I don't. I am not so afraid either to my present or future.
You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift and use it beautifully....
Thank you, Karen" ~ Karen Wilson

I saw JoJo through soul and spirit loves section and immediately went onto her page and saw the most beautiful rose quartz angel wing earrings, I bought those and a month later bought some Lapis Lazuli OM earrings. They are made so beautifully and have wonderful caring energy. They are delicate and I know that I'm wearing an inspired piece. I will definitely be buying more jewellery from JoJo xx" ~ Tracy Kelly

"i have received both a card reading and reki from the lovely JoJo, the card reading was so apropriate to what was happening in my life at the time that i was blown away by the accuracy and the insight it gave me, it was around the same time that i received some distance reiki from JoJo it was a very unsettled and hard time in my life and i felt like i was coccooned in love and healing.this lady's talents' are endless and amazing xx"
~ Jo Duffin

" I have had several card readings from Jojo over the last few years and she is the first person I turn to when my own intuition is failing me. Her messages are always very deep and very very personal and I am never under any illusion that Jojo has a deep and loving connection with her clients and the universe in all its wonder. Keep doing what you do lovely, you make my world make sense ♥ xxxxx" ~ Sarah Holmes

" I have had a few card readings from Jojo, Her messages always seem to reach out and guide me .They have always been so intune with my life.A fantastic ,lovely person.xxxx" ~Angela Cooper

"I have bought a few of Jojo's items of jewellery and am always very tempted to go back for more, they are so beautiful and obviously made with a loving intent. Very reasonably priced too!" ~ Beryl Morgan

"I saw 2 pieces of jewellery i liked on Jojo's page and i wanted the two combined Jojo went out her way to come up with an idea that worked for me i had complete trust in her judgement. It was all very quick and polite service. well made and packaged with a lovely card which i keep on the wall .if i want anything special i will call Jojo.As she makes some lovely items. lovely lady to do business with. Thankyou!" ~ Helen Keeler

"I had few angel card readings from Jojo n isnt she just so tuned in and very gifted. Her readings always guided me n gave me hope in my life when i felt lost n unhappy. Not only her speacial gift that she can bring such great n accurate guidance from ur angels also with her pretty energy n her friendship she will brighten ur day up. Only few more words left to say to jojo Thank You!!" ~ Burcu Nunn

" Hi JoJo, i would like to express another sincere thank you for the reading. it provided upliftment my soul needed that day. It also resonated with things I knew inside which to me is the sign of a good reading.. Thank you for your kindness and your Lovely page ♥" ~ Michelle Skinner

"thanks jo for your reading, great as before so true needing to let go of the control of the situation, and old patterns repeated from past relationships, also trying to look at ways of being creative too lol, how do you do it?? Spot on thank you sweetie, Sarah xx ♥ ♥ ♥"  ~ Sarah Young

 "I give thanks for the reading all accurate information that I needed to hear. Blessings"  ~Alitash Tafari

"Thankyou my love ♥ what a fantastic reading spot on and straight to the point just what i needed :) ♥♥"
~Alex Pouilloux O'Hara


"Thank you so much JoJo for my VERY insightful reading.. It has been so priceless in my journey to have this insight, and just spot on.. Taking all advice and incorporating all the suggestions each day.. Would highly recommend this very thorough, helpful and incredibly affordable service to anyone who is in need of a bi...t of guidance.. Thank you for your Angel and Faery Guidance!!!" ~WoodSprite's Forest


"I am delighted with my Angel and Faery first ever reading !! My mind is at peace and Im looking forward to hear from them again !! Thank you Jojo !! Blessings to you and yours !!!" ~ Josette Pouilloux


 "Wow! Thank you so much for such a detailed and accurate reading Jo! You were spot on with so much going on in my life right now and certainly some things to digest for the near future!... You've brought me the reassurance I needed right now :) *hugs* xxx" ~Marie Roberts

" Thank you so so much beautiful Jo!! Exactly what I needed to hear.. x x x" ~Kat Aylwin


 " Jojoooooooooo :) thank you so much for my wonderful made perfect sense to always!" ~Paula 'Sam' Preest


 "Gorgeous Jojo, thank you so much for my angel card reading, it was so lovely & inspiring - the Archangels had some amazing messages for me xxx" ~ Katie Jennings

" Just wanted to say thank you so much for my readings lovely Jojo. The first reading done a few months ago was so meaningful it made me a bit emotional (in a good way). The positive messages I received really gave me confidence in going for my big interview, the next week they offered me the job! The other cards really ...gave me hope for the future and I felt more relaxed knowing that I was going in the right direction. The second reading you did for me last week was amazing. I got a few of the same cards again, reinforcing that I'm following the right path but also some that I hadn't expected but totally made sense. Things like clearing out some of the old stuff I don't need in my belongings and in my mind ready to accept some new things in. Incredible, I was even doing some of the things that the cards suggested.  You and your readings are so special I can't imagine anyone else doing them for me.

 Thank you Jo, you are the best xxx"  ~ Justin Woods


 "Thank you for your wonderful reading - it set my mind at ease on something that I worry at a lot, now I can relax about it. Go for it folks, get a reading. xx" ~Irim Sarwar


 "Thank you so very much for the reading Jo. I am going through one of the hardest times of my life, a major upheaval and the reading you sent me has really offered hope and confirmation that things will be ok.. Jo has a real gift and is an extremly warm hearted and kind person... The angels speak so easily through her.. Thank you so much Jojo.. ♥ xXx" ~ Dawn Holliday


" Thank you Jojo for my reading :) There was a lot of accurate information very relevant to where i am now and helpful advice :) And Jojo your compassion and love is just radient!! Thank you so much xxx" ~ Lizzie Rees


 "THANKYOU so much for my reading. It resonates with me on a deep level. As well as being full of insight, having practical advice on what to do on a physical level is really helpfull. Much love and hope you enjoy your hols ♥♥♥" ~ Angela Burgess


"Thanks a lot for my reading jo jo, looks I have still some work to do ! Very well ochestrated and informing, many thanks again!" ~ Crystal Waters


" Jo's card reading was amazing! She calmly explained everything to me and put me at ease. The reading was a real eye opener and helped me understand what was going on in my life and advised me how to make things better.Jo you're fantastic and we all love you! x" ~Dave James

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