Card Reading 
This is a simpler version of the Angel Reading, using only my oracle cards. 

Card Reading £15

Angel Reading Gift Voucher £25

Angel Readings


Angel Reading 

I meditate and connect to your energies and those of your guardian angel and Spirit Guides. I pick up information psychically, and receive visions, words, images and feelings. I also use my oracle cards to help confirm my insights.

Angel Reading £25

Aurora's Love

I will type up the information I receive for you and email your reading to you. I use the email connected to your paypal account, if you would rather I send your reading to a different email address, please let me know! 

Please allow up to a week for your reading, I am a busy full-time mum, and readings take a long time for me to do.

Card Reading Gift Voucher


Gift Vouchers

If you would like to order a reading for a loved one you can do so. I can either email the reading to your recipient on a desired date, or I can email you a voucher to give to your friend or loved one so they can choose when to have their reading. Just email me or let me know on paypal!