When I connect to your energies, I can feel any blockages or stagnation. Sometimes it feels like tangles in the energy cords, sometimes as dark, hard blockages. It can all with love. I work as a channel for this wonderful divine energy to flow through.

The healing I do is different to any other healing modality that I'm aware of. I act as a channel for the Highest Beings of Light to do what they need to do and I send healing too. 

 The real healing takes place because I open a portal in the higher dimensions for the energy to flow to you and through you. This light is pure, unconditional love, Source energy. It penetrates your aura, your spirit bodies and your physical body.

The healing not only clears any stagnant energy and blockages in your ethereal bodies, but most importantly it activates and empowers your Soul. This means that your Soul takes the driving seat instead of your ego or 'little self'. This can be life changing.
After the healing has occurred, I will email you with all the visions I saw and what I felt. And what happened in the session.

The healing I have channeled has helped many different people for many different reasons....

It's helped relieve an elderly man's back pain, helping him become more mobile. 

It's helped relieve the pain of Crohn's disease. 

I was asked to send healing to a lady with cancer about to have her tumour removed, just to give her some comfort. I still remember her healing session vividly. Incredibly, when she had the tumour removed, it had already decreased in size and was now benign!

A lady contacted me after her husband had recently left her and her son, she wanted healing to be sent to her husband to bring him back to her. I cannot send unsolicited healing, but I sent her a Soul Activation and Empowerment, and Kwan Yin and Archangel Chamuel flooded her with unconditional love. She later got in touch to let me know that she now feels so good and happy from the healing, she is happy without him!

I have sent healing to people suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. This is so gentle and powerful and transformative. It's just wonderful. I spent most of my life with depression, anxiety and trauma, I know all to well the miraculous effect that 5D healing has.

Energy is not restricted by time, or space, so I can send healing to you even if you're on the other side of the planet, I can send healing to your past self, perhaps a traumatic incident that happened long ago, to your inner child.

Feeling whole, healed and empowered is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


Straight From The Source

I highly recommend Jo as a healer. A short while ago I needed to walk away from a negative attachment. I asked Jo to assist me as my head and my heart could not reach consensus. Jo cut cords for me and for a day or two the exposed open wound could be felt. Undeniably though I feel a perfect peace and love and know that the other person feels it too. We are flowing with life in the knowledge that all is as it should be. Thank you Jo x

Gillian Cortereal

I had a lovely distant healing from Jojo earlier this week. Since then I've had the loveliest deep sleeps and have felt calmer and more relaxed. I loved the feedback she gave me from the healing - so what she'd seen, experienced, which was really helpful for me to hear, and was also very accurate. I'll definitely come back for more healings and also a reading. Thank you Jojo, much appreciated

Julie Shepherd

My recent healing session with Jojo has been incredibly liberating and I have found my energy levels to have increased significantly after a few weeks of exhaustion and indecisiveness. I've felt peace and clarity after the healing and also experienced very appropriate and enlightening messages from my reading done by jojo. She is an exceptionally gifted and highly intuitive healer and I would certainly recommend her services for anyone in need of healing or guidance.

Avishka Ramsaroop

I contacted Jo after experiencing a horrid illness that I am now convinced was my body just playing out how I was feeling. Jo did an amazing healing, it was eye opening, within an hour all of my stomach discomfort was gone and whilst it did come back a few days later that was indicative of something I needed to clear within myself and my life at that given time. She gave me a beautiful description of what she saw, it had me shedding tears it was that wonderful and once I aligned my mind with my body and spirit, I started to feel well again. I couldn't have done that without Jo  I have recommended her to everyone that I see who is open enough for this type of healing and I would be sure to contact her again at a time in need xxx

Charlotte Williams

I received a healing yesterday. I needed physical healing and I felt my knees mostly... couldn't keep them still even. As if they were jumping with joy. At first energy wasn't flowing further than my knees (from above to knees, hence always cold feet). But yesterday energy started oozing through my knees and that made them move. After the healing I felt very calm and peaceful.

Willemijn Luyendijk

I can not explain the healing session I had with Jo earlier today! I felt so connected to spirit and had a huge emotional release. I feel free and excited.. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much xxx

Sibel Yidirim

Jo is a very gifted healer and pure channel for the divine. I am in awe of her abilities and her humble attitude. She is so loving, kind and gentle. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful messages, images you channeled and the powerful healing session. I will surely come back to you.

Bindu Chakraborty