"I am truly grateful to Jojo for the most amazing reading she has done for me this week...she was able to tune so so much into my thoughts/feelings/emotions it was beautiful...i almost felt i was standing in front of a mirror and hearing back from my reflection,thats how accurate it all is...i could resonate to it all..its also been a wake up call for me and a learning curve at this time in my life when i so need it...so Jojo will know what i mean when i say...."its time to click together the heels of my red shoes!" again many thanks and also for sharing my experience...X"

~ Karen Melrose

Jojo is very truthful to her gifts. Very high energy works through her. And she relays the message in a very loving way. I definitely recommend her readings"

~ Caterina Goldstein

"I had THE most amazing reading from Jo yesterday. It was totally spot on about everything- even the egg thing lol! I was so surprised by how accurate Jo's reading was, and there was no way she could have known these things otherwise. Very inspirational, and has reaffirmed my belief in all that is angelic, thank you Jo "

~ Victoria Pope 

Psychic Card Reading 

Card readings are a nice way of getting some clarity on a situation in your life. I connect to your energies, and using my cards I help to bring the messages you need at this precise moment in your life. I have had some fantastic feedback from card readings

Psychic Card Reading £20


I will type up the information I receive for you and email your reading to you. I use the email connected to your paypal account, if you would rather I send your reading to a different email address, please let me know! 

 Also, if there is a specific question or issue you would like me to focus on please tell me and I will focus on that. However, please don't tell me anything in too much detail, try to tell me as little as possible...I need to know that what I'm picking up psychically is real, and not something you've already told me! 

 All my reviews can be found on my facebook page 


"Received my lovely reading. 
Could relate to every word! It's given me hope and strength to keep moving forward 
Thank you Jojo! xxxx"

~Lucy Bowen

"So Beautiful and spot on guidance, she is really lovely in the way she does readings. Not like a psychic line . She connected to higher levels and i like that. 
Thank you Jojo. Keep shining your light ."

~Ella May 

Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance Reading 

​ With a Spiritual Guidance Reading, I connect to your energies and those of your guardian angels or Spirit Guides.

I spend time in meditation just receiving information, visions, words, images and feelings. I record my insights onto a recorder and then I use my oracle cards to confirm my insights and to also include any additional messages. I type it all up in an email for you, and send it out as soon as I am able to! 

I am not a fortune teller, I do not predict the future. We are creating the future with our own thoughts, words and actions in every moment, we have free will and can direct our lives. 

 My readings will help give you a higher perspective on your life and help you feel a sense of calm, love and peace in the present moment, enabling you to move towards a bright future of your own making.

Spiritual Guidance Reading £35

Aurora's Love