About Me

If you would like to receive Distance healing for yourself, a loved one or a pet, you can book here: 

​My name's Jo and I am an empath and sensitive. I am here to help you hear the messages from your guides and angels and here to help you connect so that you may hear/feel/see/know their messages too. 

 There is nothing 'special' about me. I just a channel of information and energy. I connect to the highest realms of light, and bring this light and energy down, whether it's through a reading, or through distance healing or hands on healing. There is nothing quite like receiving a big dose of Divine Light and  Love! 

Living on this planet is tough, and it's especially tough when you've forgotten that you're actually a Divine Sovereign Being of Light! It's my intention to help you remember that and FEEL that. 

If you feel guided to have a reading or healing, just book online, and when the payment has gone through I will get to work as soon as I am able too. I am a mum, so bear with me. I won't keep you waiting too long though! Usually within a few days, but I like to say give me 2 weeks (just in case!) 

You can book an angel reading here: 

Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting me! I do most of my work for free on social media, if you would like to help support my work, donations are most appreciated! Love Jo xxx